On your wedding day, why not make it extra special by capturing every single moment of the day by having a unique set of photos and video of your reception and / or church service.

A drone is ideal for a wedding because it is going to capture a unique ‘complete’ view of the reception. There are things that your photographer will not see because they are concentrating on the bride and groom and will be taking specific pictures of the wedding party.

We can capture the amazing moments of your wedding and reception with all your family and friends around you. We will also take photographs and video of the wedding venue and its beautiful surroundings.

Whether you choose to have your wedding at Stock Brook Country Club in Billericay or at The Lawns in Rochford, we can take as much footage outside as you need. If you are getting married in a church then we can take photos and video of you arriving and when you leave. If you have hired a wedding photographer, then we will be more than happy to work with them to achieve the best results.

The photos and video you will receive will be amazing, unlike nothing you have ever seen before.

We will have to confirm with the venue that it is OK for us to be there filming with our drone and to ensure that there are no restrictions before the day of the wedding. We will also visit the venue prior to the wedding so we are familiar with the grounds.

  • Aerial Photos & video shots of the Church & Venue
  • Aerial photos of the Bride & Groom, immediate family & friends
  • Video shots of the Bride & Groom arriving and leaving
  • Video shots of the bride throwing the bouquet

Because the drone has high powered motors, you may be able to hear it so we can make sure it’s not anywhere near the bride and groom whilst they are saying their vowels.

To save time and money, we combine still photography and aerial video shoots. You will receive High Resolution, good quality RAW photos (and videos).

By using a drone, we can ensure that we get everyone into your wedding photos, something that is not always achieved by a ground-based photographer.

If you want to be original and have something completely different on your wedding day, then contact us today for more information about our aerial wedding photography