Drone Missions provide bespoke aerial media solutions for our customers in Essex. We use the latest drones available, offering you the chance to have a combination of breath-taking photographs along with stunning professional videos. We provide a variety of services for whatever project you have in mind.

We specialise in:

Our drones are extremely quiet and are highly maneuverable enabling us to shoot discreetly without disturbing anyone. The drones can go as high as 400ft and to the distance of 500m. We always ensure that we have a large supply of batteries, so we can carry out many flights throughout the day.

  • We can operate up to 400ft and at a distance of 500m
  • We can film multiple locations shots very quickly
  • We will only fly in controlled airspace
  • Up to half hour flight time

No other method will give you the scale and the perspective quite like the photography and video we take from above. We have the equipment and expertise to operate in even the most awkward places including complex industrial environments.

We do like to carry out a risk assessment and a site survey before any flying takes place.


To be able to fly drones professionally, you will need to be qualified. We can happily say that we are highly qualified and have this – PFCO – Permission to fly commercial operations which is approved by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Additionally qualified as an A2 Open Category Pilot with a remote pilot certificate of Competency.

It really is important when looking for a drone pilot to make sure that they are a safe and legal operator who is insured.

So, if you are looking for an aerial drone videography specialist, then please contact Drone Missions today.