There are many times when our drones will be deployed in order to address maritime requests. Perhaps you wish to capture a few high-definition images of a yacht that will be placed on the market. Videos boasting UHD 4K resolution are likewise ideal when recording the movements of a vessel on the open water.

Not only is this a low-cost method to achieve truly stunning recordings, but the quality of the finished products simply cannot be denied. These same principles hold true in regards to interior projects that may be requested. Our drones will provide an unparalleled view of any maritime environment or vessel; enabling you to make a “splash” within this highly competitive marketplace.

Although the importance of providing bespoke maritime-related sales and marketing solutions cannot be overstated, we should also mention that Drone Missions is more than happy to cater to light-hearted events. From beach parties to surfing competitions and everything in between, the only limits are your imagination. Once the images or videos have been captured, you can expect a quick turnaround time; an important factor if they are required without delay.

Similar to our land-based techniques, you will never have to be concerned with low-resolution images or sloppy video recording. We utilise proprietary drone technology in direct synergy with a cadre of trained technicians. Therefore, nothing will be left to chance.